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Pembrook Copper S.A.C., private junior miner, plans to drill 5,000m in its copper project Tororume, in Arequipa, starting in the first weeks of next June, said Eduardo Silva, geologist from the company, after his presentation in the Geology and Exploration of Copper Deposits Session during the X International Congress of Prospectors and Explorers, ProEXPLO 2017.

The company will require around US$2.5 million, though “we have more investment negotiations stages. We are optimistic that it will increase in the coming months”, he said.

Thus, Pembrook is prioritizing Tororume for the next months, after having advanced with Pecoy, the nearby southern deposit, where it has drilled 38,000m and defined an ore inventory to last March of 612 Mt @ 0.34% Cu , 0.010% Mo, 0.049 gr/t Au, 1.286 gr/t Ag (cut-off grade of 0.25% Cu). “In Pecoy an investment of US$12 million has been done. We do not rule out drilling further this year, but our priority is Tororume”, Eng. Silva said.

Pecoy and Tororume are two copper porphyry-type deposits separated only by 8km, located within the cretaceous porphyry belt in southern Peru, to which Zafranal and Andaray also belong in the same region of Arequipa.

“Currently we could compare Pecoy to Zafranal which has 467 Mt @ 0.38% Cu. Zafranal has over 100,000m drilled while we only have around 38,000 and have more areas to drill”, said Eng. Silva, adding that in Tororume, geochemical and geophysical anomalies defined in surface indicate a potential equivalent to 3 times the size of Pecoy.

Currently Pecoy is under engineering works, studies for a probable road as well as considering nearby energy sources. This in order to do a PEA (Preliminary Economic Assessment) for next year, however, now in May, the company plans to complete a NI 43-101 to an inferred-resources level. Though Pembrook is not listed in the stock exchange, it will potentially do so after completing all its plans for this year.

Both deposits would be open-pit mines. “Joining the projects together operationally speaking is a future plan, as well as a logistics operation that combines both projects”, he said.


 The 10th International Congress of Prospectors and Explorers, ProEXPLO 2017, was held between the 8th and 10th of May in the Lima Sheraton Hotel. There were over 1300 attendees and 82 stands in the exhibition fair.

The event is organized every two years by the Institute of Mining Engineers of Peru (IIMP), gathering important speakers, executives, professionals and national and international officials. In this 10th edition, the theme was “Mineral Exploration: basis of the mining industry”, with the organizing committee being chaired by geologist Eugenio Ferrari.

A woman will be president of ProEXPLO for the first time

During the closing ceremony of ProEXPLO 2017, the election of geological engineer, Dr. Silvia Rosas Lizarraga, as president of the XI edition of the International Congress of Prospectors and Explorers ProEXPLO 2019, was announced.

This will be the first time that a woman chairs the organization of a ProEXPLO event, which first edition was in 1999 under the direction of Eng. Luis Salazar Suero R.I.P.

Silvia Rosas is a renowned national and international academic, main professor and chief of the Mining Engineering Section of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru (PUCP) and member of different national and international scientific associations.

… and Noel Díaz wins the “Silver Geology Hammer”

The Institute of Mining Engineers of Peru, organizer of the event and the ProEXPLO 2017 Organizing Committee, chose geologist Noel Díaz, as the creditor of the “Silver Geologist Hammer 2017”, a distinction awarded for his outstanding track record and contributions to the development of mineral exploration in Peru.

The award was received by geologist Jorge Davila, friend and colleague of Noel Díaz since school times.