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MinerAndina came to light in September 1995 as a weekly newsletter specializing in mining and soon expanded if coverage to energy issues, although the fort was still mining. She was quickly recognized for the quality of her information, always timely and often anticipating what would later appear in the newspapers.

MinerAndina has always been aware of changes in its environment and has been growing and testing new forms and formats according to the market. After the turbulent years of Peru in the late 1990s, as well as rapid and constant changes in information and communication technologies, we began to diversify.

We divide the information work of what is strictly the mining business, of the other complementary activities and economic and social relations, which, influencing the mining business, involve many more actors, now called as: public linked to the mining sector.

On the one hand, our weekly banner newsletter became MinerAndina-e always weekly, but now electronic, aimed at long-time subscribers, a first-class executive public, mainly from the main mining companies in the world operating in Peru ; Of the main local mining companies; Investment banking; Brokerage firms; Consultants; Faculties of geology and mining engineering of universities of Lima and provinces, as well as public and private institutions of the sector in Peru and abroad.

A few months later, in September 2003, MinerAndina y Sociedad, (MAyS) was born, a print edition that works with social responsibility and communication for development, aimed at presenting mining, beyond itself, with its Technology, its culture, its history and its contrasts, rescuing opinions of the public linked to it, in the search for consensus.

MinerAndina y Sociedad includes diverse topics, analysis and debate of particular cases or general policies, being of interest not only for the specialized public, but also for a wide public interested, including local and regional governments, NGOs, congressmen of the Republic, Power Executive, organizations of the populations related to the mining, related institutions and general public.

From the point of view of our subscribers and sponsoring friends, we hope to share not only a commercial relationship, but also our philosophy, to generate a force that leads to the generation of changes and progress; To approach as people, beyond our companies and to generate networks of trust that contribute to the foundations of a new society.



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